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We made these shirts for our favorite Oldies/Modern Rock station 88.9FM.

There are infinite possibilities in screenprinting. We have hundreds of different colored shirts available along with tons of different ink colors to put on them. Check out our apparel catalogs to browse the types of clothing available. Screenprinting works best on T-shirts and sweatshirts. You can also mix & match shirt colors as much as you want, but keep in mind what ink color you are using. If you need to change your ink color but keep the same design there is an color change charge of $12.
It also help to keep in mind that if you want a light color like Neon Green on Black shirts we will need to put white ink underneath it in order to get your color to look it's brightest. This will result in your design being a 2 color screenprint, and pricing will have to be adjusted. When in doubt e-mail us your design and we would be happy to advise you.

Having something vectored means that it has been translated into a filetype that allows for it to be infinity scalable. This means that even if we blow it up to the size of a billboard it still won't look blurry or lose any image quality. A good way to tell if your artwork is vectored or not is to look at it very closely by zooming in as far as you can. If it is vectored it will have smooth lines, if not then it will be blurry and pixelated.
Vectored files usually end in .EPS, .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .CDR (CorelDraw), .WMF, .DRW, and .SVG. When in doubt you can always e-mail your art to us and we can look it over for you and let you know if we will need to have it set up.

Minimum Quantity: 12pcs
Set Up Charge: $30 (if vector artwork is not supplied)
Turnaround: 2 weeks
Call for Pricing

A Note on Pricing

Our pricing is based on quantity and the number of colors you have in your design.

The higher the quantity of items that you order to be printed the lower your price will be.

Minimum quantities depend on the amount of colors that you have in your design.
For example:

1 color - 12 pcs Min
2 color - 24 pcs Min
3 color - 36 pcs Min
4 color - 48 pcs Min
5 color - 60 pcs Min

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